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Keeping up with your home's outside appearance will increase the value and provide it with the best protection from sun, wind, and rain. Lujan & Sons Construction offers comprehensive exterior construction services and stucco repair for homes in Albuquerque, NM that will protect you and your belongings while providing beautiful curb appeal. Whether your home consists of brick, stone, cement, or stucco, hiring an experienced mason to maintain the exterior is critical for long-lasting results. Our company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured for all kinds of masonry, roofing, and insulation work in the state, so when you need exterior home construction services done right, contact Lujan & Sons Construction for a free estimate.


Why You Need to Hire an Experienced Mason

Stucco is a prevalent material choice for buildings in the Southwest. It comes with many benefits, including its resistance to fire and bugs, the ability to be painted if you tire of the color, and relatively low maintenance. When constructed properly by experienced masons, stucco provides years of durability and functionality. However, like any cement and mortar building products, structures built using stucco will require some maintenance over the years. Exposure to weather causes deterioration in the mortar, which begins to fall out. Bricks can soak in water and retain moisture. When foundations settle, stucco can crack, or pieces can fall off. While some cracks might only be a cosmetic issue, larger cracks can lead to more significant problems. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint to improve the appearance of your stucco home, or you need repairs to restore the structural integrity, our masonry experts will provide professional work at industry standards.


Comprehensive Home Improvement Services

Albuquerque is home to many buildings and homes that were built hundreds of years ago. This type of architecture is an integral part of this community's history and helps define the Southwest culture. However, masonry products from centuries back don't stand up as well to modern products and techniques. A major benefit of using Lujan & Sons Construction to repair and restore an older building or home is the products, processes, and tools we use in our exterior services. We can maintain the classic look and feel of any structure while improving the overall construction components. Our exterior services include:

  • Stucco and Re-Stucco - Our stucco contractor services include new installation, repairs, interior plastering, stucco finishes, and more. Stucco is an excellent long-term investment, and our team works with all varieties of applications.
  • Roof Replacements - Our roofing services cover installation and repair of all roof materials, such as metal roofing, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, stone shingles, and modified bitumen. If you’re unsure about the state of your roof, contact us for a free inspection.
  • Parapet Walls - Parapet walls are exposed to sun, wind, and rain. Damaged coping at the top, often not visible to homeowners, can be an entryway for water that will damage the structure of your home. We are experts in parapet wall repair and restoration.
  • Concrete Work - Our masonry expertise isn't limited to homes and buildings. The team at Lujan & Sons Construction are true masons, and we have comprehensive knowledge of all applications and structures. Our concrete work for driveways and sidewalks has provided safe and sound support for cars and pedestrians for years.
  • Foam Insulation - Our exterior services include foam insulation installation in the exterior walls of homes and buildings in the area. Added insulation helps keep cold air out during the winter and cool air in during the summer for a healthier and more comfortable environment year-round.
  • Exterior Painting - Different building materials require different types of paint for proper adhesion and results that will last. Whether you need to touch up or change the color of wood, stucco, or metal, we ensure that your property receives the proper application for a beautiful finish.


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For quality exterior construction services at competitive prices in Albuquerque, NM, contact the pros at Lujan & Sons Construction. Our team is fully bonded, licensed, and insured to complete exterior and interior construction services in the state of New Mexico. We offer free inspections and estimates that provide an honest assessment of your home's condition by experienced professionals. If you’re considering making improvements to your house, contact our hard-working team for an estimate from knowledgeable professionals.


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